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Alcohol and dreams

Published on 8 July 2019 at 07:00

You probably know it, you have a nice party; you drink a glass of alcohol and enjoy the evening. You go to bed and you sleep like a log! ... No dreams, no visions, no contact with your guides, helpers "just nothing". Alcohol ensures that the process of falling asleep accelerates, that you skip REM sleep, as it were, and that you immediately end up in a deep sleep "so that you are not able to dream", to process and to shut it down. You skip a large part of the necessary sleep rhythm.


Is this very Yes and No; a deep sleep is nothing wrong with that; but if you do this more often you may be more tired, less active and so on.


You can already experience a disrupted sleep rhythm by just drinking 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol (let alone when you're drunk). Your sleep rhythm shifts faster than you might think, with all the consequences that entails. Sleeping too deeply is not good for your dreams, visions, sleep, so that you do not wake up fresh and refreshed. Biological sleep problems



So alcohol not only brings a hangover but also a disrupted sleep rhythm. The alcohol does not give your brain time to process everything and give it a place to relax. You wake up with a full (half full) head from yesterday and you continue on the same energy as the day before. The next night and / or even during the day you will be tired and burned out much earlier. And that is not only due to the use of the alcohol; but because you do not process anything and can give it a place in your brain.


(Alcohol destroys the old brain cells and makes new brain cells) So a glass of alcohol is not all bad; but your dream and vision world will be put on hold for a while. You really do not dream or vision, lucid dream and so on; just because it can't. Grandma's nightcap


Are you aware of the influence of alcohol on your entire being and therefore also on your sleep, dreams, visions and even your meditations, visualizations, manifestations and so on. Do you really want insight into your dreams and visions reduce your alcohol consumption and you will see that you can connect deeper with your nighttime emotions and so on. Sleeplessness up to 70%



Whant to know more about sleeping, read my other blog posts and other information

I am not talking about an excessive use of alcohol - then your sleep rhythm is even more disrupted than with normal use of alcohol.  

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