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Sleeping without artificial lights

Published on 3 July 2019 at 07:00

Nowadays we have a lot of lights in our bedroom, you can think of your charger, your digital alarm clock, your phone. In addition to the extra lighting, you also have a bedside lamp and / or a lamp in your bedroom that ensures that there is more light than you really need. In fact, because of all this lighting small and large disrupts your sleep rhythm; the possibility of sleeping and even falling asleep and your REM sleep. 5 benefits of a good night's sleep


This is not only because you receive messages on your smartphone, but also because you have small lights everywhere that in one way or another let energy flow that you unconsciously see while you sleep. Small amounts provide more energy and light than you might think.

You can of course buy blackout curtains, but they will not help against lights that you have close to you and that are present every day. We probably know but just to be clear “the best night's sleep is total darkness”. Do you really need to sleep for 8 hours?


The reason this is not good for you is very simple: you simply do not fall asleep, or you do not sleep due to the large amount of lights and power. Darkness signals your body to go to sleep! This does not happen or to a lesser extent due to annoying lights. When evening comes and sunlight diminishes, the sleep hormone (called melatonin) is released into your body and causes your body temperature to drop. As a result of which you are less alert (become) and this ensures that you relax, unwind and fall asleep easily. Sleep paralysis


Avoid insomnia and sleep problems that can ultimately lead to health problems and negative sleep experiences. About one in three people currently suffer from sleeplessness; and the number of cases is growing day by day.



You can call sleeplessness in three different forms.

Partial sleep disorder
Sleep lightly




It has been proven that when you go to bed in complete darkness and only wake up at sunrise, you feel much better physically and mentally and so on - get through the day feeling fresh and energetic, less tired and so on.

In fact, when you watch the sunset every evening, your body relaxes, unwinds and immediately gets into rhythm with the natural cycle. Your body has a natural cycle (clock) just like animals who only realize that we humans have artificial light, we break through our natural pattern. Sleeplessness up to 70%


As a result, shifting the clock to summer or winter time is also an unadvisable phenomenon that is not good for our body but was created purely to get more time out of our day. Which makes us so called more productive than if we would follow the natural clock.


So reduce the little artificial lights in your bedroom and you will see that you wake up fresher and better, fall asleep and experience less physical discomfort. Listen to your body and avoid problems - sleep at least 8 hours a day and take the time to fall asleep and so on. Nowadays there are even alarm clocks that have been specially developed with quiet and better artificial light and even with a natural wake-up method.


"Sleeping well is the first start to a better life". Stress Sleeping

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