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Droom Affirmatie

Published on 1 July 2019 at 07:00

You've probably heard of affirmation; or positive sentences, words that help you to get your thoughts to a higher level. To put on the right things; awareness of thought power and overcoming negative situations. Mindfulness (awareness of the fact that .....) is the way you attract your dream life right now .....


Knowing that you are writing the life script - that you are responsible for every situation in your life and that you can do something about it yourself. But it goes deeper than that; it is a power of thought, making life lighter, and a revelation that anything is possible if you consciously deal with your thinking. Gravity decreases, light appears earlier and you see solutions and possibilities. It brings change just by avoiding the word NOT every day. Dream manifestation



I CAN ...… ..



I'll give you insight into my favorites list - Affirmations that I myself use a lot to attract what I want, to divert negative energy towards positive energy and even miracles. It has taken me and it gives me great energy every day that has brought me many wonderful things. So if you ask me does it work then I say wholeheartedly YES ... it works. Dreams open the door to growth

You can combine affirmation with daydreaming, meditation, visualization and so on and with that you touch very deeply the core of the soul.





It depends on how you look, you write the life script in which everything is possible. Have patience and wait, but keep your thoughts positive and pure; take steps towards your dream wish ..... and you will see that what you wish will really be present in your life. But do not commit to a time, moment that is not realistic ...…. miracles are created by small steps forward and not by big jumps in one go. The power of dream mantras

My Dream Affirmation List



My life is magical, wonderful and abundant

I recognize and embrace the new opportunities that are now in my life.

I and only me decide what is right for me. If I think it is correct, I will stick with it.

Today I see opportunities everywhere.

I have the power to change for the better, and I am now.

I trust my pure feelings, and will stand my ground when I follow them.

I let go of all fears surrounding love.

My life is a learning path that I follow with passion and courage as a student.

I do my best to learn more every day and that is getting better and better.

Wherever I am on this planet, I am always safe.

I no longer believe in pain and sorrow, I now believe in well-being and prosperity for myself and others.

Money is love that is allowed to flow, it flows to me and through me now.

I see possibilities everywhere, of abundance, I experience prosperity and I am blessed.

My voice and opinion are heard, I am as important as everyone else.

I look forward to a healthy old age, because I lovingly take care of my body.

I now free myself from destructive fear and doubts.

Forgiveness makes me free and light.

I forgive everyone including myself.

I breathe in new positive energy, and breathe out my fears.

With every step I take today I give my worries to the universe.

I give myself permission to rest and relax regularly, knowing that I will feel reborn.

I am the only one who creates my reality, I let my dreams and fantasy run free.

I invest in myself by letting go, playing and having fun regularly.

I feel safe as everything around me changes, including my own changes.

Love is an energy that is allowed to flow to me safely.

I am protected with a mantle of love, light and silence.

I let go of everything and send back all fear, emotions and sadness in the form of love.

Opportunities are everywhere I have an abundance of choice and possibilities.

I am safe, my loved ones are safe.

Me and my loved ones are well and completely protected.

I am a creative and artistic person, I now give myself permission to express this.

I am now ready to embrace and allow my inner child.

I give myself permission to show my soul colors without fear.

I am a romantic and loving person.

I receive with love, so that I can create new things with sweetness.

My heart is the center of my strength, I follow my heart without doubts or fear.

I say yes to “being a better receiver”.

I am in balance without the fear of selling myself short.

I can be who I am under all circumstances and at any time.

I can receive love, give love without limiting or depriving myself of it.

I let go of old experience and open my heart to the new unknown.

I trust that life wants the best for me - I let go without fear and with confidence.

I let go of all that is unnecessary and give it to the universe with confidence so that they can help and support me.


Do you want real dream change and transformation take your chance now

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