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Sex dreams

Published on 26 June 2019 at 16:27

You have probably had a sensual / sexual dream, a dream in which your purest self emerges; your private feelings are opened and awakened. When you wake up you may feel shame towards your partner because the sex partner is an ex; a celebrity, the ultimate man or woman. It is then also something that is difficult to discuss and / or explain for many people.


We all understand the concept of longing for - but how can it be that you dream about sex with your ex- while you are very happy with your current partner? ... You may not have a partner at all, how come the sensual sex dream up again and again?


According to Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) are our dreams a form of primal urge or is there much more behind it? Is it a banal processing or soil here is a deeper source. Pure relaxation, the basis of our existence, the primal drive sex is it all. When your soul, spirit can surrender to the inner love for both yourself and a partner, you discover the creative power that works through all facets of your soul, your life, your body and your mind.


Sex not only works inside your body, but also in side your soul, which in turn uses every vibration and energy to touch the deepest core, to grow, to develop and achieve the highest good.

Amalgamation between your masculine and feminine energies is reflected in sex dreams and sex visions.



Dreaming about your ex, being a celebrity, the ultimate partner is not so much about craving !. But about unification, finding balance, the creative power. You can also think of fertility, attracting your twin soul, soul mate. Of course it can always be that your ex is a celebrity, the ultimate partner reinforces your desire and confirms to your soul that there are unprocessed life experiences and / or life desires.



Sex is the creative power of everything ...


Without sex dreams and sex visions no soul growth and development, fruitful plans and wishes. Sex brings inner light to the situation; sex dreams provide mindfulness. Sex dreams reflect what you perceive as perfect; this is what i want, this is what i miss and so on. Pregnant and dreaming

Sex dreams and visions initially have nothing to do with your current partner or your current relationship that you should be ashamed of. It has nothing to do with the current status of your romantic relationship and / or the insecurities it contains (with some exceptions). The reason they often occur has a connection in this. Love dreams  Cupido dreams Ex-partner Kiss dreams 


The reason that we as humans find them so difficult is a form of shame. I Dreamed About Sex With Another Partner !. This is precisely the reason why it is difficult to discuss. The inner taboo about sex dreams stems from the feeling of "not wanting to make your partner feel that sex is not enough, that you have doubts and / or that you have feelings for someone else".

You can think of 100 other reasons why you feel shame and / or why you don't share it. Know that everyone who reaches adulthood has regular sex and sensual dreams and visions. It doesn't matter if you are male or female; finds men or women attractive, whatever your background and / or preference "We all regularly dream about sensuality".




Through sex, sensual dreams you remain yourself, you find yourself and you connect yourself with your pure core; so let it flow and develop without shame or fear.

"Yes your primal drives, desires, feelings, basis, source are an important part of your sex dreams".



If you look at it in a spiritual way, then dreams and visions in which you have a sex partner that you do not know or have known in daily life give rise to. A deepening soul connection again that is present on an energetic level but has not yet been opened (not fully) in your wakeboard, you can then think of twin souls, soul mates, soul flames and so on. The magical energy that flows through sex and sensual dreams and visions provides healing energy that merges into one becoming from the highest good. Bedroom anxiety



Embrace your sensual sex dreams; no shame needed, it is exactly who you are and should be from your purest self, your core, your soul, your base. Share them with your partner, share them with other people and you will see that you are not alone and / or that you touch each other in different areas and so on. Singel Valentine



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