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Back to your sleeping nature

Published on 18 June 2019 at 19:00

You probably know it, you will not fall asleep, you have sleeping problems and you have already tried everything! ... Then know that flowers and plants have a very positive effect on you falling asleep relaxed, sleeping through and your whole being including you soul and your body. Everything is there, everything is in stock as much as you need, you just have to admit it, nature gives it away for free. Learn to anchor yourself



Flowers and plants carry a lot of spiritual power that is very special and unique and must be shared, it connects you with nature, your base, your source and it allows you to completely relax.



Flowers and plants help with daily activities and that includes your dream and vision world. Flowers and plants are a connection between us humans and this beautiful planet, guides, helpers, the universe. They are connected with the vibration on this planet, ley lines that run across the planet and let our energy flow. They are in connection with the elemental beings, animals, and all elements such as water, fire, air and wind.


Did you know that sleeping problems disappear like snow in the sun when you have plants and / or flowers in your bedroom / house.


Flowers and plants reduce depression, burnout complaints, they purify your home. Cleanse the negative energy and make sleeping problems disappear. In addition, they also attract positive energy and creative idea, development because simply by means of the presence of plants you are more open to messages from the afterlife, relax and feel happier and better in your own skin. Flowers and plants ensure that you fall asleep better and can also experience a deeper dream and vision connection. Bedroom anxiety


We are becoming more and more aware that the planet we live on is much more than what you can see with the naked eye. Everything is there you just have to allow it and the right flowers and plants can help and support you with more than any other method. Hibernation (winter sleep)

We cannot do without flowers and plants, we need them for oxygen, for inspiration, relaxation, tranquility, balance, healing, awareness, spiritual growth, development and falling asleep well, sleeping in and so on. Flowers magic in your dreams



So what are you waiting for?..


Put a plant in your bedroom, a bouquet of flowers in the vase and you will see that you sleep better. You can of course also put plants in your meditation space and thereby relax, meditate, vision, daydream and so on more peacefully.



Get plants or flowers into your home today and allow the beautiful effect and experience immediate peace and relaxation and so on.

Not only the plants cause a change in your sleeping behavior, the soil in which the roots of the plant are also have a positive grounding effect on your sleeping, meditation, visions and daydreams. The earth ensures that you go back to your base, your source, yourself and of course the connection with your being, your primal existence and your deepest sleep that is completely calm and balanced.

If you want to experience spiritual growth, flowers and plants also ensure that your vibration, your energy, your connection with your guides, helpers and so on (where you are connected) are drawn to a higher level. You connect with all your chakras, your source, your base and you experience growth and development at a high level that flows directly to you through visions, dreams, daydreams, meditations




The 15 best sleep plants



Rubber plant

Date Palm


Peace Lily


Passion flower

Aloe Vera



Gold Palm







Do you really want to sleep well? Do you want change and transformation? Take your chance now

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