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Published on 19 February 2021 at 10:46

You are in the menopause, you dream very intensively, especially about blood, periods, sex, breasts, vagina, affection and an orgasm. You can also think of dreams about your home, your past family or family general in. But the most striking thing about transition dreams is that you can experience the feeling of missing things.  


You reflect on everything you have achieved but also what you have missed. Another striking dream type is that you dream about changing your body as if you are transforming into something else, fantasy dreams. Feeling that you are not in your body and / or that you have a connection with yourself and everything that is present in your life. Pregnant and dreaming


The cycle of life (dream life), the connection with your ancestors, twin souls dreaming and / or even with a past life. 



In addition, you often learn to listen more to their body and soul connections, and you dream a lot about water, tunnels, drowning and / or connecting with the womb of life. Transitional dreams relate to learning how to dream lucidly, becoming aware of the fact that and spiritual connection with the universe


The hot flashes also continue in your dreams, so you wake up sweaty or you can dream about heat, sun, sweat and so on.




Dreams during transition have no additional meaning (other than that they are certain subjects) and that it tells a lot about the situation you are in and your physical change and transformation. This does not alter the fact that it is very intensive and can lead to nightmares, fears, trauma, sleeplessness. Of course, with menopause, dreams, sleep, and many other things come into play that you really need to pay attention to. Full moon dreams


Sleep shorter, sleep too few hours, exhaustion and irritable awakening


A fun fact is that even before you are, as it were, aware of the fact that you are in transition that you are already dreaming about these kinds of topics. Your body is the first to indicate it in your dreams!

Another typical transitional dream symptom is that the energy connection between the full moon and the new moon changes energy, your body reacts less and / or in a different way to the positions of the moon. The influence of the seasons changes because you enter the transition. 


Need help with menopausedreams? gaining insight into your dreams can mean a lot to you!

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