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Chakra and dreams

Published on 22 February 2021 at 11:41

Behind every dream is a chakra that needs attention. Discover the power of healing and healing your chakra energy or vibration. Become aware of the chakras in your dreams.


Dreams are connected to your chakras and signals of vibrations and higher frequencies. In addition to the elements such as earth, fire, water, air, the constellations (zodiac signs), dreams are also connected to your aura and your chakras.


At least you can "find clue" in it. Clues that represent awareness so that you recognize the imbalance of energy. It teaches you to bring the disturbed energy back to balance. If you know this, then you can also work and / or heal and heal. It also reflects the connection you have with your entire being (spiritual) and / or your helpers and your guides.  



Why is the combination and connection so important when it comes to making dreams insightful? ...


It ensures growth from your intuition and dream connection. You get to know yourself better and you view it from your purest soul layers. You discover your blueprint, the flow of your chakras and aura. But also the color of your energy and the speed of the current. You can heal and heal yourself, as it were. All you have to do is become aware of that.

Spiritual growth from the highest connections and dimensions. Deepening collaboration with your guides, god, helpers and / or that with which you feel connected



Imagine you dream about your parents' house !.

The brief dream statement of this is as follows. It reflects your heart, your source, your base, your feelings, and your characteristics, your past, your present and your future. You are, as it were, the house yourself and every room in the house reflects a part of your heart chamber, soul life and / or experiences.



That coupled with your chakras then you can conclude the following! (You can of course apply this to other dreams too).

  • Dreams about the ground floor are connected with your Sacral Chakra the 2nd Chakra
  • The basement dream tells you something about your Root Chakra the 1st Chakra
  • Dreaming about the hallway, hallway or passage connects you to your Throat Chakra the 5th Chakra
  • The second floor dream reflects your Heart Chakra the 4th Chakra
  • The attic or third floor dream represents your Crown Chakra the 7th Chakra
  • The rooms like bedroom and bathroom dream reflect your Third Eye Chakra the 6 th Chakra
  • Dreaming about the entire house and / or your garden reflects your Navel Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra the 3rd Chakra



Another example is, for example, a tree. The roots are connected to the root chakra or Root Chakra. The tribe are connected with Hart, Navel, Solar Plexus. The first branches of the tree are part of your Throat and Third Eye Chakra. The leaves and the tips of the branches reflect your Crown Chakra and your Aura.




So pay attention to where it transitions with each dream - it can therefore be a clear signal to a chakra and / or aura experience that may be healed. You can also divide your dream into parts, as it were, just like your chakras - the energy that flows in them reflects a chakra.




When you float / fly in your conscious dream (lucid dream) then the energy flows from your crown chakra!

If you fall down or float up from your feet, there is energy flowing from your Root, Sacral and / or Navel Chakra.




You can also divide and / or explain your dream into 7 parts (energy parts), just as with your body, each layer flows through your dream as a symbolic energy. The same is also associated with lucid dreams and conscious dreams.


If you want to know more about how to apply this symbolically, please contact and / or follow one of my coaching options.

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