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Sun or Moon dreamer?

Published on 26 February 2021 at 11:02

Are you a sun or moon dreamer?.. There is a difference between people who are connected with the sun energy and people who are connected with the moon energy. In other words, your energy flows best when you are connected to the sun or the moon.

This tells you a lot about your dreams and how they come about, how to explain them and what synchronizes with you. Dreaming from a conscious energy not only gives you insight but also helps you to sleep better, daydream, visualize, meditate, manifest and so on.



Are your dreams strongest when the sun comes up? ... this includes your daydreams, visions, meditations, visualizations.


Are your dreams strongest when the moon is rising? this is - including your daydreams, visions, meditations, visualizations.




Sun dreamers!


Sun dreams are the connection to your solar plexus chakra. So that you can turn deeper and deeper into yourself. Pay close attention to your breathing and staying grounded (With 2 feet on the ground) for a moment no connection with the modern world that is moving fast. The Sun connected dreamer opens the new energy and flows back into the earth and water !. Chakra and dreams


Sun dreamers often wake up early! This can be around 4:00 am, but also numerical times such as 3:33 or 5:15 at repetitive times. 7:27 or 6:46


The Sun dreamer is very often associated with constellations, planets, dimensions and ground fertile energy on this planet. In addition, a Sun dreamer is a morning person (not an evening person) and goes to bed early / on time. In general needs more sleep (thinker, sitting in your head). The energy really starts when the sun energy is stronger and the moon energy decreases. Summer and Spring are your seasons!

Moon dreamers!

Moon dreams allows you to become aware of your inner layers. You peel off every layer, as it were, just as long until you get to the deepest core. You experience protection from deep soul matters. The Moon connected dreamer opens your true heart, breaking old unhealthy patterns and flows from the crown chakra to the element of air and fire! The connection with your life purpose, wish, your pure destiny and your true life path. Believe in the magic of life and especially in your purest connection.


Moon dreamers often wake up in the middle of the night, or very late in the morning / afternoon. Moon dreamers go to bed late!


The Moon dreamer is very often associated with new moon, full moon and changing vibration and energy on this planet, lei lines. In addition, a Moon dreamer is an evening person (not a morning person). The energy really starts when the moon energy is stronger and the sun energy decreases. Winter and Fall are your seasons!



The connection with the cycle of your body and your dreams helps you to become aware as a soul, to grow and to develop yourself. Doors too open that have remained closed until now.



Besides energy there are differences; also to name a number of dream subjects in which sun dreamers and moon dreamers differ. That is not to say that a sun dreamer does not experience or dream these dream subjects. Of course, however, it is often less active and intensive. It is the energy that indicates the influence, experience and soul awareness of the fact that. Dreamwalker (False Awakening)




Sun Dreamers

  • Fly and Float, grow and bloom
  • Young animals, babies, children and plants and harvesting
  • The sun, lei lines and other forms of energy and vibration.
  • Elemental creatures, fantasy, fairytales and stories
  • History, past and present.



Moon Dreamers

  • Transformation of animals or situations
  • The moon and cycles of the planet, stars and so on
  • Menopause and pregnancy
  • Woman, child, baby, old woman dreams (death and rebirth)
  • Past life, memories and exit



Do you want to know if you are connected to the sun or moon energy dreams? ..

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