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Atlantis dreams

Published on 8 March 2021 at 11:19

Dreams about Atlantis have a deep spiritual message and besides that it is a bit of an awareness of the fact that. Dreams about Atlantis are very often about spiritual growth and soul messages, past lives and / or the connection with your masculine energy.

Dreams in which Atlantis occur and / or a similar dream energy flows tell you a lot about the way you live your life and you can mainly think of your soul life, soul lessons and karma. The general translations will reflect water, cleaning, clearing and protection experienced from your highest energy.



Do you dream differently when Atlantis appears in your dreams!

Yes you dream differently, you dream from your chakras and aura vibration that flow from the 7th dimension !. Atlantis dreams feel very intense and come directly in contact whit your soul. As if you wake up, as it were, your soul speaks to you and / or connects directly with a previous life, your guides, helpers, gods and goddesses and so on.

It is also a signal of higher dimensions, and HSP, Hypersensitivity and spiritual awakening.  



Atlantis dreams make a big impression! Because it enters directly through your third eye or crown chakra.


One of the most important experiences with Atlantis dreams is that it almost always (for most people) has a connection with your soul, your source, your base and with your solar plexus chakra. It is a reference to a past life and / or life form that the soul longs for.

Atlantis dreams have a very high charge, vibration, dimensions and messages on a soul level that find direct connection with yourself (your soul). For many people it is the first signal of a past life and / or spiritual awakening and connection - this includes magic and crystal / herbal medicine and so on.


It also reflected gods such as Poseidon and Triton, the founders and leaders of Atlantis.


Atlantis dream connection isn't just sunshine!


Another addition is that in addition to the reflection of spiritual growth, insights and the deepest connection with the universe, an energy can also be experienced that has to do with the shadow side of spiritual growth and development. Yes, the dark side with higher vibrations and / or power is of course abuse and control over ....


Not grounded, ego focused, unaware of the fact, no balance between spiritual and earth life and so on. This includes the phenomenon of appearing spiritual, fallen angel and / or soul, earning money (imbalance between) spiritual service and abundance.




Lemuria, Egypt and Maya eras have the same effect on your energy level.

This energy, however, generally flows less hard (heart) than Atlantis just dream away that the connection in this is very strong and that there is a deep desire from the soul to work with higher energy. It is not only the spiritual connection but also the Ego part that wants to have the magical, mythical experience - the search for the location of Atlantis is so relevant for a reason.

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