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Animals dream!

Published on 24 February 2019 at 16:01

Animals reflect your character and even external qualities. They are a projection of the basis, the beginning and the primeval man. Animals speak to us, they have your characteristics that you can link to your situations, people and even to products and services. They are not only cuddly, tangible; they are closer to you, even closer than any other being or characteristic. 10 Lucid Dreaming Warnings


It is not for nothing that we are so deeply connected with animals that we have many dreams about animals. So animals reflect a part of yourself and / or your behavior in any situation.


They are your closest friends; sometimes they are more important than human friends. They are closest to everything around you, they don't judge, they allow you, they give love and affection and so on.



So we dream and visions about everything that has to do with your daily life and processing everything that you are allowed to work with. So, as it were, you project animals into your dream or vision because this is the most recognizable. You can place every situation in which you are in animal properties. Our primeval man needs to be fed, animals not only reflect our character traits, they also represent the feminine and masculine energy. Sun or Moon dreamer?


Strength, fertility, and survival are explanations why we dream so much about animals.

Attacking and biting, growling and so on also originates from our primal animal that therefore comes up very strongly in dreams. 

We mirror everything on animals and on their traits linked to our mistakes, inner demons, fears, sorrows, life lessons, character traits and so on. 

Animals top 10












Of course you also project your fears and sorrows on animals in your dream or vision and as a result your dream will get a completely different charge and a deeper intensive effect. Nightmares are therefore often accompanied by animals and animal characteristics. Animals that you fear in real or conscious life; thus always appear in your nightmares as a challenge and growth process. Pregnant and dreaming


Animals speak the language of the soul, spirit and the universe they are not connected with ego and social obligations. Your own inhibitions are released when animals appear in your dreams. 


We dream most about animals we know from the zoo, movies and that live in our nature; animals that do not occur in Europe will therefore hardly appear in your dream or vision. As an alternative explanation, animals represent a totem animal / protector or spirit and helper, supporter. With the aim of helping you, growing and developing and / or dissolving karma. But this also contains properties that you have or need to get where you want to be. Dream garden


Each animal has of course a personal message and dream and vision translation, which you can read on the special Animals page! 


Children actually always dream about animals and even project all loved ones onto animals.


You can think of …… Father is a horse and mother a cow in the eyes of a child, these are logical combinations and links. This beautiful way of logic is all-encompassing because every human being has a quality that suits an animal. Or should I say every pet looks like its owner! .... Dream friend

Or does the owner look like the pet! ..... Children who meet new animals in the zoo create new dreams and visions and new combinations of traits. The more animals a child recognizes, the more easily a child can link traits from the adult people around the child. The sleeping fables newspaper

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