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Dream Familiar (DreamSpiritAnimal)

Published on 12 March 2021 at 16:56

We often dream about animals, we project the characteristics of animals on dreams. But did you also know that you have a dream familiar (Dream Spirit Animal) in other words an animal guide that helps you dream - during the day and during your waking existence. Dream and Tarot


Besides the fact that animals reflect your character traits a projection of the basis and the beginning of the primeval human. It's also spiritually connected to you in the form of dream familiars (dream guides) Dream familiars walk with you, help you on an energy level and support you where you need it. Give you a signal, protect you and are in direct contact with your guides and helpers. Dream transformation

They appear in the form of an animal and often have a spiritual appearance, but also often as animals in and around your environment. You can think of your cat, dog, rabbit, but also a pigeon or raven and even an ant or spider. It may sound a bit far-fetched, but every animal has a soul - is connected to you as a human (soul) because they come from the same soul group and / or are connected to it.


Animals speak the language of the soul, spirit and the universe they are not connected with ego and social obligations. Your own inhibitions are released when animals appear in your dreams or visions.



When you sleep you are more deeply connected to your soul, there is no influence from your ego and / or from the outside which makes the dream familiars so evident in your dreams, visions, meditation, visualization world and so on. When you are awake you see the signals and / or you (un) consciously recognize the soul connection ... But when you sleep you are guided, supported and helped by your dream familiar. Dream connection tips from nature



It is not for nothing that we are connected with animals from your soul. Find your soul connection animal, your dream guide from your most pure and true I energy.


Most soul animals stay with you for a period of time, sometimes even your entire life - but in general you can say that the dream energy (dream animal guide) dream familiarly surrounds you for a few nights and days and then shifts back to another connection. Past life dream fear


Your Dream Spirit Animal / Dream Familiar also not only tells you what you are connected with as a soul and as a family. But also your past life, your astrological connection and / or your soul connections. As an example, it is very common for soul mates / twin souls and / or previous life connections to have the same dream familiars.


Your dream familiar is present as from "birth" ... This can change in the course of your life because you simply change as a soul. Animals dream!


There are indications that there may also always be familiarity with this dream that it changes with you, as it were, and stays with you throughout your life. In this you can make a comparison with shamanism or spirit animal.

Let me give you an example, my dream familiar as a child has always been a black stallion with one white foot ... When I shifted towards puberty and was a teenager it transformed into a lion. Then as a young adult what a crocodile and now it is a wolf at this moment in my life.


Yes everyone has one and / or even several - they keep coming back in your dreams, visions, meditations, visualizations, affirmations and so on.


The more aware you are, the more consciously you dream (lucid dreaming) or meditate, the deeper you can experience the connection with your dream familiar (Dream Spirit Animal). They can do so much for you, they are your guides, helpers and know your soul, soul mission and often your family, your roots, your history and your future, fate (life purpose) like no other.  Dream tree DNA

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