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Lucid by dream life

Published on 29 March 2021 at 10:49

Don't be a sleepwalker during the day! But become aware - learn to live lucidly and discover the power of daily awareness. Knew that the secret to good dreaming, conscious dreaming, mediation, lucid dreaming does not end with sleeping!

No in fact, you can embrace this throughout the day and take it with you during your waking existence and your relaxed resting state of sleep. Lucid or conscious dreaming, getting off the ground, without limitations of your (mind) spiritual boundaries.



"Lucid is a State Of Mind" that does not stop when you wake up, it is embracing in your entire dream life


Dreaming from a detached mindset of mental limitation ensures that you are no longer limited in the thought. It connects you with your purest self. Through meditation you increase the lucid status - you increase the deepest connection with your whole being.

It is so much more than meditation; it is the ego-less heart-centered status of the whole being as you truly are. No more restrictions, no more boundaries, freedom, and you decide and so on. Everything is one, everything is possible, and everything is safe. Dreamwalker (False Awakening)

You connect yourself to the planet, you see new things - that which was not possible before, turns out to be blurred when you have the lucid state of mind because you learn to see through different eyes.




Who wouldn't want to relax it 24 hours a day - It has more than a few benefits.


  • Less tired during the day, (waking existence)
  • Your soul speaks to you, your intuition grows and you are always connected to your higher self
  • Less compulsory sleep hours needed because you are relaxed connected to your whole being, sleeping is no longer a mandatory challenge, but an extra addition.
  • A better connection with your energy and your body
  • It is the ego-less heart-centered status that flows
  • The ultimate soul growth and development from your source
  • No more limits, no more restrictions!
  • Soul connections, recognizing everyone as a soul, not attaching external appearances to situations or experiences.
  • Ultimate transformation and resolution of family history (karma) problems
  • Magnet for manifestations, abundance, knowledge, skills and so on
  • Healing




Anyone can live a lucid dream!

Of course you have to learn to dream lucidly first, and so can anyone "except you have to learn it", have to be patient and keep challenging yourself in the lucid dream world. If you really want to learn lucid dreaming from an experienced expert, take your chance now Lucid dreaming




What is the lucid dream status anyway?

You can think of it as the great intuitive extended state between sleeping and waking up; that is completely connected to your heart, your source, your base, your soul assignment and / or with which you have a connection. The power of dream mantras

In the beginning, the lucid self is only present within you for the first few minutes when you have awakened. The first minutes after waking up therefore reflect the energy for the day and flow through your waking existence. By connecting and practicing yourself, your awareness also increases little by little. It flows into your daily life through your intuition and your source of life (heart). Through practice you can therefore experience a deep connection that flows from your source throughout the day.



Do I dream all day?

No it is a state of mind "or it is a way of life. It is letting go, the limitations and the boundaries that we as a human soul have imposed - the limitations of an earthly body and as its burdens and lusts. Ego and to dream

No, you are really very aware of everything, it is only a very deep connection with your pure true self. You are not sleepwalking, you are not living in a fantasy - you are just away from the constraints imposed by your body, society and so on. Chakra and dreams




Did you know that people who consciously dream are much more deeply connected to their life purpose!

Are you connected to your dream world and do you take this with you during the day; then you reach the limitless. Completely in balance and completely in control and yet let yourself be completely surprised "the unlimited possibility with deep connection of your soul .... Everything is possible there is no limit - your soul knows this and can be embraced all day long, you have to do it. allowing yourself to experience this Heart-focused dreaming


Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey are masters of consciousness, meditate, manifest, visualize and are completely Ego and Heart aware. They just live from the purest unlimited self. They also know exactly that everything is connected, live on the vibration of the energy and so on. They look at it through their soul eyes, sleep consciously and meditate several times a day for a reason. They live in an unlimited status and see everything as a whole. Dream Bird's eye view



What you can dream, "lucidly and / or consciously" can come true in your waking existence, you just have to believe that your soul has no limitations.

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