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Don't wake up tired!

Published on 29 April 2021 at 19:06

You probably know it, you fall asleep after a long time of tossing, turning and getting in your way. You stared at the ceiling, counted sheep (tried to relax)! Maybe even adhered to the 8-hour sleep advice.

Waking up tired is currently the number 1 sleep problem.



What is that anyway? Despite everything, how can it turn out that waking up tired is worse than not being able to fall asleep. Waking up tired is caused by not reaching the number of hours of Rem sleep + you immediately fall into Rem Sleep and skip all other steps. 

In other words - because you don't sleep well, you skip a number of sleep steps that are very important to wake up rested.



The Sleep Steps are as follows

  • The light sleep,
  • De Remslaap is an abbreviation for Rapid Eye Movement,
  • Is followed by the non REM sleep.
  • You mainly dream during REM sleep and only 1 or 2 minutes in non REM sleep.
  • Sleep can be divided into dozing, light sleep followed by deep sleep, delta sleep and finally REM sleep.
  • During the dozing, you have your eyes closed and you sink further and further into a light sleep;
  • Light sleep is the first real sleep experience of about half an hour.
  • Deep sleep and delta sleep is also half an hour of sleep, but really deep; here you come to rest;
  • Finally, it changes into REM sleep, in which you dream.



Not falling asleep is of course also a challenge, but stays in connection with Rem sleep! This makes the difference.

Did you know that wake up tired is something that happens to many people. And of course there is a logical explanation for it, which in many cases has to do with patterns, behavior and 21st century problems. Sleep the medicine for anxiety



Most Important Additional Cause (Beyond Traditional Causes)!

  • Stress - Burnout, anxiety, trauma and so on
  • Sleeping too much / sleeping too little
  • Forced sleeping
  • Energetic / Aura Obstacles
  • Unhealthy patterns / behavior + nutrition
  • Wrong sleeping (Right side)
  • Hereditary sleeping problems
  • Moon / Sun influence
  • Artificial light / Computer / TV / Telephone
  • Menopause, Menstruation, Hormonal
  • Sweating + feeling too cold / too warm
  • Headache / Migraine
  • Bedroom anxiety / Dream anxiety and / or other forms of deep fears


As you may read, waking up tired is not a logical explanation, it has many causes and so some of these are something you have never thought of. But so simple and easy to explain; by simply learning to become aware of your sleep need! Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep! Most sleeping problems arise because you immediately end up in the Rem phase!

Some people take their rest points - during the day through mediation and / or silence time. We all need the sleep stages!



The sleep challenge!

  • Sleeping on the right side (that is the left side) this is because the heart pumps better, the intestines have more space on the left side to relax!
  • Do not go to bed if you are not "really" tired. By this I do not mean that you continue to work or watch TV / mobile phone! Teach your body to prepare for sleep status! 
  • Or embrace the rest mode - learn to live with the natural sunset! Look at the moon and the stars and feel this energy working on your body. 
  • Learn to deal with your natural body wishes and that also applies to your hormones and your biological clock. It is not without reason that your body appeals to you about your sleeping behavior by waking up tired. 
  • Don't wait for a miracle cure, sleep has to be relearned. After a period of stress, burnout, unhealthy behavior; you are simply not able to sleep better in a short period of time. 
  • Make sure your window is open so that your bedroom can air out. But you can also think of a good mattress, pillows and not too warm blankets / not too cold bedroom and / or blankets
  • Tidy up your bedroom, no clutter under your bed / nightstand. 
  • Telephone / TV off and / or other 21st century electrical disruptions
  • Keep a sleep diary to discover your sleeping pattern and / or to experience how you sleep and dream Keep a sleep diary!


If you want to know more sleep tips, feel free to ask Marjan your question + coaching to sleep better

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