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Daydream (shamanism)

Published on 26 April 2021 at 10:18

You may have heard of "Daydreaming shamanism", No not yet? ... Don't worry because in this blog I will tell you about this wonderful form of daydreaming. You can see it a bit like Daydream 2.0 with an extra ritual that touches your deepest energy. 

Especially now during the corona time, this is really something you can try in peace - now that spring has arrived - on your own balcony or in your own garden.


It is discovering your dream world, past lives, spirit animal and so on in simple dream transitions. Connect yourself to this deep dream realization .... It is magical and it flows like a veil in front of a mirror. It opens to you by the fact that the mist disappears and makes way for the soul mirror



So it is not so much about the way you daydream or having luxurious and elaborate things - but also your soul colors "your own voice", your soul mirror. "mega fun to do with your children".



Daydream is a great way to get to know yourself, but in a shamanic way! By means of vibration (soul music, the rhythm of your soul), sweet incense, ritual and sometimes a relaxing herbal (tea) drink - you are therefore able to open your soul mirror. 


You can see it as a kind of soul trance moment in which you literally throw open all boundaries. The nice thing is you don't have to go to America or a Shamanism group - of course you can. But you can practice the basics yourself at home.



Embrace your dream journey and discover what your soul really wants to tell you - discover together with your spirit Animal that what you really need to know.



This peace brings you back to who you are, it doesn't just connect you to your whole being; but with every medicine you bring. What you are allowed to heal and heal yourself and which direction your inner compass points - the flow of the wind, water, fertile soil and your inner fire.

Daydream basic exercise


  • It's the pure connection to your soul music, (the inner drum)
  • The things that are valuable to you (something personal)
  • The connection with nature (flowers, herbs)
  • A dream grid or your personal energy grid and / or shrine
  • Crystal gems / shells / wood, bark and so on
  • Candle, tea light / incense or oil and so on
  • Picture of your spirit animal and / or your own pet and so on
  • Yourself and / or anyone who wants to participate (including your kids)



Draw a circle (with stones / shells / sand / soil, in the grass / rug and / or on what you have. Provide cushions or something that you can sit comfortably on!

So you connect yourself with Water / Earth / Fire / air (it is the symbolic things that reflect this.

Gently turn on music / hit the bottom of a bucket / pan.

Place your personal items in the circle (picture of your spirit Animal) - so do this as a kind of ritual. Dream Familiar (DreamSpiritAnimal)

Drink your chamomile tea and / or anything else that relaxes.

If necessary, tell your children your dreams and / or a nice daydream memory. Sing a song with your children and / or if you are alone write down your magical moment on a piece of paper and / or that which you want to process and / or let go


Daydream just let it come, flow and arise.

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