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Dream (Portal) Gate Days

Published on 12 May 2021 at 07:00

Did you know that you dream deeper and more intensively during gate days? As humans we are much more deeply connected with the energy of the currents of the planet, the stars, moons, the sun and so on than we generally experience (un) consciously.

Are you ready to really get to know yourself through the dream world - open yourself up and discover the natural power of your entire dream being and in the influence of this beautiful natural planet earth and all dimensions that are present.


What are gate days?

The gate days are linked to the balanced 13-moon calendar of the Maya. This calendar indicates the energy, the day when the veil between the other dimensions is thinner (the moment when the dreams open gate


The gate ensures that new energy flows into the world, that we as humans can use this moment to grow and develop. But the gate days are mainly connected with the dream, vision, meditation and daydream world


During these days - there are special experiences with a completely new dream, the world in between worlds. Also bring your soul, your source, your base to a place where you can experience the deepest I - open and of course close dream-soul-doors.



Maya (Tolkien's Calendar) information so you understand why and what the difference is with your dream energy.


We as the Western world use the Gregorian calendar which consists of 12 months of everyone's 30 or 31 days + sometimes 28 or 29 days. With a total of 365 days + an extra day here and there every four years. So it is actually a calendar that does not flow with the energy and position of this beautiful planet earth.


Gate days are linked to the Mayan calendar. This is associated with 13 moons and is somewhat more balanced than the 12 months. Which keeps the Western world. Every moon has 28 days. So in total there are 13 x 28 = 364.


The 13 moons are therefore connected to the flow of energy and the vibration on this planet and start July 26 and end with respect to the Gregorian calendar on July 24.

On July 25, the day is out of time and / or also called the missing day and on 26 the new year starts.


The Mayan calendar indicates a day, but energy waves - the more powerful the wave the stronger the energy and it gets closer to a gate day

There are 13 seals (one for each moon) the power of the wave also explains the dream energy and what you can do with it and so on.



The gate days of May 10 + May 11 + May 12 and May 13 2021 are all about!


The connection between the visible and invisible dream world, and other dimensions. So today and tomorrow you can dream and visions very deeply, intensively and soul-oriented, from your source. That also applies to meditations and daydreams! Past life, family history and karma dreams mostly pass you by.

Open yourself today to these beautiful new soul dreams and possibility of connection from the dream world - the veil world. It is a moment when you connect with your soul assignment, your soul source and your base and so on. 


It is a dream energy that learns to recognize your soul purpose and to fulfill this purpose. In addition, your dreams bring insight into finding love, affection for both yourself and everyone involved and / or connected with it. Another dream theme is to go on an adventure and discover what really matters to yourself. In addition, these days you mainly dream about the past, make concrete what you really want and close the old unhealthy.


Keep an eye on the dream gate days information! I will provide regular updates on upcoming dream currents and gates opening!

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