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Silence in my dream world

Published on 13 April 2021 at 07:59

For many people, dreams, thoughts, are messy, analytical, and most importantly, not calm. But dreams are the infinite source of inner stillness and peace of mind. The moment you wake up, your head (brain) has just organized and structured everything so that you have plenty of silence.

However, we people as a raging active and ego focused to get started with thinking and not relax when we wake up. There is no room to embrace the silence and / or let the dream arise and discover it on your pure energy level.


The silence of dreams is deafening


The sound of images and emotions is more powerful than words and therefore for many people also something that is experienced as a challenge and / or is not experienced as interesting. You can also see it as if your dream house is on, it screams louder than the rest. Give your dream to the dream Cloud, let it steep as if it were a cup of tea.




Take the time not to explain!

  • Relax and let the image pass you by!

  • That what shouts the loudest needs the least attention!

  • That which is softly present in the background - is soul knowledge, soul information and / or important to take with you on your dream journey. (It's like an influencer who has fake it until you make it as a motto).

  • Be still and let the deafening sound still be silenced by the tranquility!

  • The puzzle pieces fall much easier, more logically and in place!

  • After silence, there is no longer any doubt whether it is correct, whether the dream key fits

  • By letting the silence arise, there is room to let the energy that you gain while you sleep flow throughout the day!

  • You stay much more connected with yourself and with your natural energy!

  • More balance and more depth.


Daydreaming provides and supports the silence of your dream at home! It is not an easy fix, it is a learning process to absorb and embrace the silence of daydreams, dreams, meditations.



Did you know that your dreams that scream very loud often do not have a deep message and / or meaning. Sometimes a dream is just a dream and this dream rule applies especially to the dreams that had scream. It is the soft dreams that do not want the attention to have the deep soul meaning.


Soften your dream by embracing it and consciously experiencing the silence of your dream world. 


Your dream world is a reflection of your soul, your source, your heart, your foundation and the way you live life. So give yourself the space to get the right information from all the screamers. Of course you can say, "that which first crosses your mind" is the correct answer! Yes it is only it is very often drowned out by the deafening noise of the rest of the dream images that are not that important for your soul growth. 

To filter this out you have to look for the silence. By that I do not mean that you have to spend hours in meditation. No I mean that you can be quiet and let everything rage before you go ahead with explaining. Wake up, take it easy - lie in bed for a while, write down your dream in keywords in your dreams or sleeping day book.


Be silent, listen to your body, your feelings, your heart, your emotions and only then will you explain and / or do what you have to / wanted to do.
At the right time, you will explain, translate and / or put an ego-oriented meaning that really suits your soul. You will see that it comes in much more and deeper than if you want to answer everything immediately. 

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