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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Easter and the dream world 1

Easter and the dream world 1

Published on 2 April 2021 at 07:00

Easter and the dream world are very deeply connected. Of course there is a very deep spiritual, belief or awareness experience in this. Easter has a lot of symbolism and is different for everyone and / or is experienced differently by many people. 


So listen to your personal frame of reference and your intuition when it comes to explaining or gaining insight into dreams around Easter.


That does not alter the fact that the dream world during and around Easter has certain subjects, energy and vibration. The connection with the moon, sun and earth comes up a lot, you can also think of the stars, angels, gods and / or that with which you are connected.


Young animals, baby, naked dreams and planting seeds are a common dream and vision topic. In addition, it also reflects the womb of life and looking in the mirror of your soul. Return to the source, the base and your spine (skeleton) that is connected, as it were, with your chakras and aura, karma.

But also with the primeval homan, or first born, the source, the fears, inner demons and / or challenges, soul colors and everything that has more to do in a spiritual way


Sometimes a dream is just a dream



Dreaming while spring starts are connected with opening and showing yourself again. As if you liberated yourself from your cocoon and explore the world as a caterpillar. As it were, you close the winter - a period in which you have experienced protection. You've left the old behind and now you take off your stationary winter coat and crawl little by little towards what you want every day.


You can therefore translate your spring dreams as waking up, opening and taking new first steps. Plant the seeds and take care of them; it is not yet the right time to take immediate action.


Want to know more about spring dreams? Summer dreams Winter Dreams of the Season Flowers in your dreams Spring sun dreams



Easter is a moment of death and rebirth - an awareness that you can withdraw and prepare yourself for transformation. Obviously it is very deeply connected with being spiritual and the divine faith and so on. The connection with spirit and the universe.


Dreaming about eggs is a common topic but it is connected with the new fertile "that can be a pregnancy or adoption", but it can also be a symbolic pregnancy for your wishes, dreams, life purpose and so on.

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