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Father's day dreams

Published on 17 June 2021 at 07:00

This blog is especially for all men, fathers, father mothers, father uncles, mother fathers and so on. Dreams, visions, daydreams are connected not only with the man during Father's Day, but also with the business decisiveness, strategic and fertile energy. You can think of anything related to this.


It is not so much about the man but rather about the feeling, the powerful primal energy and the bold, (victorious) passion energy of life.

Dreams with Father's Day reflect the energy connection (soul connection) between father / educator / mother / aunt / uncle / guardian and child and so on.


Father's Day dreams are connected with the pure masculine energy - regardless of your outward appearance and/or how you feel and/or how you want to present yourself to the outside world.



It touches the primal man, the brute force and the perseverance, but also the thinking (mind and brain), logic and strategy. In other words, dreaming on Father's Day has a connection with your most powerful self and everything and everyone involved. 


Dreaming and sleeping have seen a connection to your family, your history, your roots, your pedigree from the masculine business determination and fertile energy. 



There are many subjects that pass you by in the dream and vision world, you can think of like-minded and twin souls, soul mates. But also unborn and silently born souls (baby) that you appear to you in your dream world. Whether or not to make known that it is connected to you as to help and support you on your soul journey. regardless of your appearance male or female, trans and/or fill in yourself.

A list of dream themes during the Father's Day energy moment!

  • Deceased loved one, grandma, grandpa, father, mother, great-grandparents and so on
  • Sex, eroticism and fertility
  • Hunting, fishing and so on
  • Strength and perseverance and obligations,
  • History and Mother Earth, Gaia and Eros (Uranos and Gaea) and/or Ostara
  • Traveling, driving, bus, train, being on the road
  • King, god, leader, pharaoh, lord, master, group leader and so on
  • Powers and magical gift or powers, superheroes
  • War, battle and everything related to it
  • Fire, Water, Air, Earth
  • Family, Babies, Children, Grandchildren
  • Work, boss, authority, police, fire brigade, politicians and so on
  • House, home + building and renovating
  • Elemental Beings and Different Dimensions
  • Karma and Family History
  • Food and drink, fire pit, barbecue, slaughter and/or animals on a spit (primal man dreams).
  • Twin souls, soul mates, soul group
  • Past life, memories and/or old traumas
  • Lemuria. Atlantis, Maya, Camelot


Father's Day energy dreams reflect the powerful forceful qualities, the thought and your human body and not so much your heart and/or your feeling.

Your dreams don't have to be any different with and around Father's Day; it is often an energy vibration that is clearly present here. For some people, it is a perfect time to heal and heal on a soul level when it comes to Father energy and relationships related to a man or masculine traits.

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