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Well dreamed v/s Slept well

Published on 23 June 2021 at 09:30

Did you know that dreaming well, dreaming consciously, dreaming lucid is no guarantee for good sleep. In fact, you can still dream lucid or remember your dreams every night (spiritually) grown but be a very bad sleeper.


Do you sometimes dream well, but do you sleep badly? You are not the only one in fact you are more than average!


This blog post is specially written for anyone who is and/or has been under the assumption that if you always dream so well (guarantee until you fall asleep) that you sleep well! No, this statement is not true, it is even the opposite in many cases.



Sleep is not only related to dreams, sleep is related to many factors. The fact is that - the more you are in your head during waking life, the more difficulty you have in sleeping. Sleep is also linked to energetic connections, DNA, ADHD, Stress, burnout, HSP, habits, patterns and so on.


The statement "a good dream means I slept well" is being scrutinized.

  • There are indications that if you have a good experience with REM Sleep, you will indeed wake up rested.
  • Yes dreams are a processing of your daily life. But remembering dreams has nothing to do with the quality of your sleep. In other words, you can dream fantastically but wake up very tired!
  • Of course have nightmares, traumas. memories affect your sleep. If you have processed dreams and given them place in your head (brain) when you are in sleep mode; wake up good!
  • The best dreamer can be the worst sleeper and the worst sleeper the best dreamer!
    You dream several times a night, the dreams you can remember are generally the last seconds of your last REM sleep state.
  • Good sleep doesn't start with good dreams! Sleeping well starts with listening to your body and acting on it.
  • The deeper, more intensively you dream, the more questions it raises in your waking existence. You want to explain your dreams so that you have insight. As it were, you are thinking about this all day, worrying and so on "with all the sleep consequences that entails".
  • Missed Sleep Phases! not falling asleep properly (getting into a sleep state) ensures that you do not doze properly, as it were. Do not or not doze properly affects the entire sleep process. As a result, you skip sleep steps, you dream but sleep poorly.



The conclusion is as follows. If you miss the most important sleep phases, then the statement well dreamed means slept well does not apply.

No, a good dream only works if you also go through all the sleep phases, in other words - good sleep and good dreams are linked.


Just for your image: Almost all (adult) people miss one or more sleep phases at least once a week. This is due to several underlying causes. Such as stress, burnout, fear, trauma, sadness, energetic problems, HSP, ADHD and so on.

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