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Start » Dreams and Sleep » 60% experience sleeping on vacation as a challenge

60% experience sleeping on vacation as a challenge

Published on 10 July 2021 at 10:45

Did you know that 60% of adults find sleeping a challenge if you are not in a familiar environment. vacation in particular are a challenge for many people, there are many different reasons why this is the case. In general you can say that most people have the sleep challenge under control after 1 or 2 nights and/or no longer experience it as a challenge.  

The most common sleep challenges on vacation

  • Ambient noise, road noise, neighbours, clock ticking and so on
  • Fear of new or different environment
  • Curtains that move, too light, too dark
  • Shadows on the wall, or on the floor
  • Strange people, new energy and hitting your limits and so on
  • Mattress, air mattress that is too hard or too soft (dirty)
  • Sheets that are too thick, too thin, unironed, ironed, itch (dirty)
  • Pillows that are too thick, too thin, itchy and / or neck and back problems
  • Vermin and / or dirty sleeping space
  • Entities and/or negative energy from previous guests
  • Not being able to relax and unwind due to vacation stress



In some (serious) situations you can think of homesickness or even getting sick from the fear and/or negative sleeping experience. Do not be ashamed of this experience you are not alone there are a lot of people who suffer from this. About 10% of people suffer from homesickness and/or some form of depression. 


If you experience this too, make it negotiable!


It is generally known that many people go on vacation too tense, so that they do not return home rested. Partly because of this, the sleep challenge is fueled with all its consequences. The more sensitive you are, the worse this is often. 

What often helps are the little things that make you feel comfortable - that make you relax. You can think of things like bringing your own favorite blanket or pillow. Smell like frankincense or oil that you have at home. Book or teddy bear, your own sleeping mantra and/or what you like so that you experience a kind of protection, as it were.


First spiritually and/or energetically clean your tent, your hotel room, etc. with white light or incense. Smudging, purification wood   so that everything from the previous guests from and / or from last year is removed from the room

You can also think of bringing crystals and/or gems that protect your golden triangle - very suitable for this.


Take time to get to know the room, space in other words make time to get used to the new room, space - so discover and embrace it.

Keeping a holiday sleep diary   so that you gain insight into your sleep rhythm and your sleeping pattern, but of course also the red thread for next year and / or last year's.


Do you want to know more about sleeping and vacation?... Read also Vacation dreams

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