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Lion's Gate dream day

Published on 7 August 2021 at 10:10

It is a special moment, the vibration changes, new doors are opening and your dreams and visionary world is about to shift with energy. You can begin to experience different kinds of dreams and visions that are much more deeply connected to your soul, soul mission and so on.


Every year on August 8, the opening of the lion's gate takes place, but this year it is really very special because it falls at the same time as the new moon in lion.


For your imaging! So it's lion in lion in lion. The gate is open in lion, new moon in lion and the sun in lion.


It reflects a new period, a new phase and above all a new beginning - it closes the spring for good and opens the powerful summer dream energy. It takes your dreams and your waking life to a higher dimension. Especially your dreams, visions and connecting with the universe, your guides is sharpened and strengthened. You are ready for a higher vibration that also changes your dreams, visions.



As soon as the gate opens you will notice that your dreams change (vibration) are deepening, past lives come up - awareness and so on. But the most important thing is that you step through the new inner dream gate towards something new. You can still feel, experience and/or become aware of this change in the coming weeks.



List of Dreams and Visions Vibration Changes!

  • colors become visible in your dreams

  • Scents and/or awareness of positive or negative energy in your dreams

  • Past life dreams

  • Music and/or sound in your dreams

  • Future dreams (alien) dreams, planets and galaxies

  • Dreaming crystals and gems

  • Twin souls, like-minded and so on

  • Magic, candles, transformation and/or spiritual topics

  • Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Maya, Themes

  • Zenit dreaming and/or dreaming from a different perspective,



This special lion's gate day is mainly dominated by Sirius and galaxies - especially everyone who has a connection with this on a soul level and / or even in waking existence experiences a very deep transformation. It brings you not so much the past, but the new, the future - new plans, new wishes, new soul assignments. You have already closed the old one.


All lionesses, lions born about this gate day; Shine even stronger than ever before; but this can also work the other way around so you can get complaints such as headache too much energy vibration, nausea abdominal pain, aura and chakra pain and / or awareness. You experience this energy purely from your sun element, making it very intensive.



Gate days additional information

Did you know that you dream deeper and more intensively during port days? As humans we are much more deeply connected to the energy of the flow of the planet, the stars, moons, the sun and so on than we generally experience (un)consciously.

Are you ready to really get to know yourself through the dream world - open yourself up and discover the natural power of your entire dream being and in the influence of this beautiful natural planet earth and all the dimensions that are present.



What are gate days?

The gate days are linked to the balanced 13 moon calendar of the Maya. This calendar indicates the energy, the day when the veil between the other dimensions is thinner (the moment when the dream gate opens


The gate ensures that new energy flows into the world, so that we as humans can use this moment to grow and develop. But the gate days are mainly connected with the dream, vision, meditation and daydream world


During these days - there are special experiences with a completely new dream self, the world in between worlds. Also brings your soul, your source, your base to a place where you can experience the deepest self - open and of course close soul doors.


Keep an eye on the dream gate days information! I will provide regular updates on upcoming dream flows and opening gates!

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