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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Spiritual people experience different dreams!

Spiritual people experience different dreams!

Published on 2 September 2021 at 08:16

It has not been proven but it is a practical experience that I would like to share with you. Spiritual people experience deeper, more intensive, more colorful and other dream topics than people who are not or less connected with self-growth and development. Dreaming from a sensitive energy is often connected to multiple life experiences and/or soul experiences that make you more deeply connected to your whole being.


Yes there really is a difference and not only in the way you look at the explanations and/or experiences but also from the connections you make with, for example, your guides, helpers, signals and so on. The dream topics are also very different, you can think of more dreams about your house, ancient civilizations, fairy tales, fantasy, gemstones, minerals, angels, gods, elemental beings and history. These kinds of topics are not common among people who are not or are not yet seeking awareness



The 10 most dreamed of dream topics of the spiritual dreamer!

  • Past life memories like Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Kamelot, Maya  + all ancient civilizations.
  • Stars, moon, sun, sky, zenith, planets, clouds, sky, light, dark and obscure.
  • Water, sea, beach, boat, swimming and of course the animals of the sea
  • Colors in dreams, red, purple, white, green, blue, silver and gold
  • Witches, magic, tarot, crystals, shamanism and nature religion or important power places
  • Animals, lion, snake, bear, wolf, deer, dog, horse and all other power animals or animal familiars
  • Angels, gods, god, ascended masters, helpers and guides
  • Elemental creatures elves, nymphs, gnome, unicorns, dragons and so on
  • Deceased beloved, twin flames, soul mates, like-minded (soul contracts)
  • Charkas, auras incarnation and/or seeing energy. Dimensions 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th 9th and the gates in between.



The difference is in the energy, the vibration but especially in the experience - another important dream difference is that you often or more often dream about your spiritual connections, but also your education, course and workshops as if you want to process them in practice. want to give.



In addition, spiritual or conscious people are much more likely to dream about twin flames and telepathic connections. You know it, you feel it, you experience it. Being somewhere other than in your own bed "Lucid dreaming", and then it does not matter whether it is consciously or unconsciously you wake up with this energy and often cannot place the dream. "You know it just feeling". Another common topic is of course feeling clear, knowing clearly, seeing clearly, hearing clearly, in other words dreaming spiritual conscious growth.

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