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Start » Dreams and Sleep » 15 Easy Better Sleep Tips!

15 Easy Better Sleep Tips!

Published on 18 September 2021 at 22:05

You probably know it, the statement you have to sleep for 8 hours! Nope, No, Nada, Noppes this is not true, this is knowledge from the 80s and 90s of the last century. You can easily sleep 5 hours and feel very good during the day. You can also sleep for 8 hours and feel very bad with the result that you are very tired during the day.


In other words, sleep is in the quality of sleep, not in the number of hours you sleep. However, it is of course connected to many factors; such as your body, cycle, the sun, the moon, hypersensitivity, You can of course also think of the fact that good sleep is also linked to how you feel. I also mean spiritually, in combination with awareness. As an example, think of the experience of waking up every night at a certain time.


What happens is that your mind and body automatically wake you up every night, as it were; you follow the pattern you have created yourself and which you repeat over and over. This pattern or recurring cycle, fear, feeling, experience, poor quality of sleep must be broken and that can be done in various ways, below is a list of easy steps. I should add that sleep problems are not an easy fix - but this is a start!


Sleeping is a challenge for many people and even a daily recurring negative experience for many people!


There are many simple tips that you can easily apply to sleep better - they are often not complicated - it is a pattern you can change. It makes a world of difference and it starts with becoming aware of the fact that you can discover your sleeping pattern yourself. Listen to your body, don't go to bed too early or too late. I know, it sounds easier said than done!. But there are really easy tips that everyone can apply and immediately notice a difference.



17 easy Sleep tips!

  1. Awareness of your sleeping pattern, 8 hours of sleep is not necessary!, as long as you sleep well.
  2. Don't go to bed too early if you're not tired yet! Do not force sleep has a negative effect.
  3. Don't go to bed too late! learn to listen to your body - going to bed overtired also has a negative effect.
  4. Good mattress that suits your body! Good pillow pays attention to the (neck, back, shoulders!). Replace it regularly!
  5. Take a good look at the material of your sheets, duvet, mattress, pillows (allergy) not the right material causes discomfort!
  6. Choose layers so that you can adjust it to your body temperature, so you prevent excessive sweating and so on.
  7. No stuff under your bed! This causes disruption, dust, clutter and unrest in your sleep pattern.
  8. Tidying up your bedroom, what you don't need for sleep doesn't belong in your bedroom! feng shui
  9. Curtains, not too dark and not too light! You should, as it were, only be able to see basic contours!
  10. Look at the stars, the moon, connect with your whole being (put yourself into sleep mode).
  11. Awareness that the bedroom is for sleeping, it is not an office or play palace.
  12. Prepare yourself an hour for bedtime by choosing a regular pattern - brushing your teeth, reading a book, and so on.
  13. No telephone, TV and/or other electronic devices, which causes disruption (except your alarm clock).
  14. Crystal or gemstone that promotes your sleep! Rose quartz, rock crystal and tourmaline.
  15. Waking! no problem, lie down, don't get out of bed - go back to sleep mode by changing your focus!
  16. Moon accept hypersensitivity, discover what you connect with, discover the cycle of your body
  17. Don't go to bed emotionally, crying, anxiety, negative feelings affect nightmares and anxious dreams.


I've written a lot of sleep blogs, but these are my easy sleep tips that I really wanted to share with you. Want me more tips than these easy 15 tips, read on see links below

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