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Lucid dreaming tips and tops

Published on 22 September 2021 at 17:57

Lucid dreaming who doesn't want that, it's trendy and it's a topic that many people would like to master quickly. But in many cases this is not the case, in fact lucid dreaming is a process, it is an awareness, it is practice, learning and studying. Dreaming trial and error, try again and usually years pass before you can really call it "Master or independent lucid dreamer".


That does not mean that there are simple steps that you can take! Steps that you can actually carry out, steps that are not too difficult and/or not feasible.


Most importantly, you need to know what lucid dreaming is! Yes, it is in the awareness of the fact that..... lucid dreaming is a lot, but usually not what you think, so a moment of awareness below. Lucid dreaming is nothing more than letting go of your limits, finding connection with your core, your whole being, your source, your base. Discovering your own limitless possibilities.



What is lucid dreaming in short explanation!

  • Your dreams (dream state) are only a reflection of your own brain or your brain.
  • It feels like an illusion to you. in addition to the feeling that the boundaries of you may be blurred,
  • You let go of all boundaries - but you remain truly connected to yourself.
  • That does not alter the fact that you must ensure to stay grounded (connected) anchored with yourself.
  • Awareness that there is a very thin line between matter and spatial aspects such as different dimensions et.
  • You can also think of small or large, numerical aspects, a lot or little, being completely subordinate to your will (frame of reference).
  • Centering your energy, your self and your whole being, your soul, your source, your aura and your chakras
  • You could say that lucid dreaming is a kind of sleep yoga, a kind of meditation for your brain and therefore the best sleep you could wish for.
  • You could say that you remain conscious throughout your sleep, and then wake up refreshed.



What else do you need to know!

  • The 10 Lucid Dream Warnings! Read this really carefully.
  • Let me tell you that you can learn lucid dreaming - all people regardless of their origin, background, creed, color, shape are able to lucid dream.
  • Stay connected to yourself, your being, see an energetic cord connected to your navel! Anchor yourself well, not that you can lose yourself during lucid dreaming. But you can have a negative experience if you lose contact with yourself (lucid dream fear and trauma experience).
  • Yes you can really learn it and you can also really apply it in your life so that you will grow even faster spiritually.
  • But you have to do something for it, practice, practice and practice some more.
  • Then you can certainly think of six months to a year and for some people even longer.
  • For example, if you are like a real dreamer (conscious dreamer, HSP, spiritual, highly sensitive, etc.) then it goes faster because the connection is often already deeper.
  • But don't worry, anyone can dream lucid dreaming, including you!



When you absolutely must not learn to dream lucid! (ignorant actions have major consequences)

  • Trauma experiences, but also burnout, stress, negative experiences (wait until you have processed this and have given it a place)
  • After a negative spontaneous lucid dream (learn to anchor yourself well first)
  • Bedroom anxiety, nightmare anxiety, sleep paralysis, spiritual experiences such as disembarkation, NDE and so on.
  • When using medicines and/or other substances that you use as sleep medication (always consult with a doctor or specialist)
  • Poor sleep pattern and/or too little sleep and/or unwinding. (good sleep pattern is a must)
  • Stay aware, don't go with the idea that you can change something, modify something, transform something (astral travel) lucid dreaming. It is very disappointing, because lucid has a completely different purpose.

Simple steps towards lucid dreaming



Step 1

Before you go to sleep, make a firm decision to remain conscious during your dreams, keep this image and feeling well until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on the subject you want to dream about or receive sight of.



Step 2

  • Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely comfortable and relaxed.
  • Make sure that you do not have a mobile phone or other steam device in your area, for example. This causes interference during your sleep and your dream state.



Step 3

  • Take time during the day to increase your skills such as meditating, visualizing, and daydreaming.
  • Try to focus on awareness, the third eye and seeing images, feelings, stimuli, sound, etc.


Step 4

  • Remember again and again that it is an image, is a dream, an expressive response from your soul (your subconscious).
  • A dream, visual answer in which everything is possible and in which there are no boundaries or limitations.
  • If you let go, let go of control and let everything flow, it is very possible that your dream will become lucid.


Step 5

  • The most important step: You must be completely fearless in the face of any dream image that appears to you.
  • These can be fun, crazy images; but also images that have to do with soul lessons and always comes from your own thought image.
  • For this you can use the dream dictionary to explain it!
  • You are the writer of the script, you decide where you go and how it forms.
  • You can see yourself as a king or king on the throne of your own world.
  • The more you are yourself at night, the more aware you are during the day.
  • The more you grow and develop spiritually.
  • Stay connected (anchoring your dreams) with yourself through a silver, gray energetic cord and/or connection to a tree, or something very important to you, memory of a loved one, object, animal and so on.




Step 6  

  • Write down your dream right after you wake up; so that you can fathom your dream state.
  • It is important for you to know that everything has an underlying message.
  • What you experience during the day can influence your dream state.
  • It is essentially the same but also has a symbolic meaning or a meaning with a spiritual underlying message.
  • So write everything down and explain it at your leisure.
  • Consciousness is found by exposing yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to grow and develop - let your soul speak.



Step 7  

  • During the day, focus on what you want to dream about.
  • Feel, think, see, hear, smell and taste, but above all experience from your soul what it is like to dream about this.
  • Let your pure self speak and give your soul the opportunity to learn to communicate calmly with your ego - your brain.
  • Daydreaming helps with this, meditation, visualization provide major steps towards lucid dreaming, not to mention they strengthen the bond between your soul and your brain.
  • By focusing your entire day on this subject, you increase the chance that you will dream lucidly about this subject.


The most important lucid dream tip is!

  • Stay connected (anchoring your dreams) with yourself through a silver, gray energetic cord and/or connection to a tree, or something very important to you, memory of a loved one, object, animal and so on.

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