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How it all started Blog 1

Published on 1 February 2018 at 17:34

People regularly ask me how and why did you start Dreaming & Visions? ..... Then I tell them the special story behind the big website, blog and the book with more than 18K of visitors per Month, 5.2 K Weekly and a Daily reach between 750 and 1000 in the Netherlands and Belgium and it is still growing ... ...


What so many visitors! Marjan who is successful! .....


I did not include the range I have on social media in the short numerical overview.

As you may have read, I have written over 2,200 dream and vision statements from my own vision. A blog with many spiritual topics that can be followed on many social channels in addition to the website.

But before these numbers, numbers got so high, there was the start ... ... For that we have to go very far back, back to my puberty. At the beginning of 1997 I experienced trauma visions and nightmares. In these visions and nightmares, my mother died time after time, and I panicked completely. But after reassuring words, life as a 14-year-old continued as usual - until my birthday August 11, my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. There is nothing to be done ma'am, the doctors were puzzled - we can only extend your life.


My mother passed away on December 1, 1997. My mother, my best friend and my trauma visions came true as a thunderbolt in clear skies. This trauma not only caused a lot of sadness, but also a lot of fears, nightmares and therefore migraine attacks.

My father took me to the doctor and he advised me to write a diary about all my emotions, feelings etc - through him I started writing all dreams, nightmares and visions. I called this diary Nocturnal emotions - But I did write everything to my Mother ...



Dear Mother you know what I dreamed last night! .....

As I flip through the Booklet, it feels like yesterday, the amazing first doodles that were eventually written over and shared daily with exactly 1,287,565 visitors since 2012 today.

Nocturnal emotions not only brought me back to my dreams and visions, my life and what I was allowed to do.

My brother Designed the First header for my website!

It also made me fall in love with a purpose in life - informing, helping, supporting the spiritual dream coaching field and so on. I followed courses, workshops, courses in the field of dreams and coaching so that I did not judge it unilaterally but from different points of view.


In the end I put on the naughty shoes on the advice of a colleague I started a website, I was not sure what to do with it .... but did it anyway; you never know I thought. I couldn't imagine anyone interested in my dream and vision statements. But she said I was a real Eva and I was able to help a lot of people. (Marjolein if you ever read this, I am really very grateful, and I have never forgotten you).


The book Nightly Emotions eventually became Dreams and Visions and the adventure started on December 8, 2012 via the free website of JijWeb. The first year I did not have many visitors, but by sticking to your dream and perseverance, the website grew into a great success. And YourWeb grew with me to become the website that it is today.


Having a website has highlights but also depths.

My brother also designed the first business cards

It is hard work to keep a website up to date!

In 2016 the website grew so fast that I was over 1500 a day ... the requests to coach came in. Radio Interviews Articles for the VSD Magazine and so on. I worked very hard, too hard, so many people and so many questions that I decided to leave my website for a while.


For 1 year the website was on On hold but thanks to YourWeb Founder (Wouter) who gave me a wonderful opportunity to run the website without worries and without costs; and the visitors hardly noticed it.

A year later after an evaluation I picked it up again and with great success I am busy again towards the 1500 visitors a day and the social media pages are running as before.

Every day I hope dreamers, visors, spiritual, 5th dimension man, HSPer, crystal child, new age child, wicca, nature religion, connector, new age and so on. Whatever you may be connected to, whatever your motivation may be to inspire, support on their life path and I hope to be able to do this for a very long time.


A dream greeting, and a lot of fun reading my very successful and unique website.     

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