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Dream Energy May 3 to May 9

Published on 2 May 2021 at 07:00

What stage are you in right now?. Are you at the start and/or are you finishing? You are challenged to become aware of this – your energy flows with the position of the moon, the sun and the seasons of life, or you persist against your better judgement. Maybe there is something that has not yet been completed, and you are only at the beginning for your feeling while closing is really better for you.

Sometimes you are stuck in emotions, feelings, limitations because you are not attuned to the right dream vibration, dream energy. It's the pause button, the dark side needed to get you back on the magically abundant right cycle of your life situation



Dream Medicine: Step out of the shadows and ask yourself, where am I now! Look at and embrace all that you have achieved – pat yourself on the back but also close. Connect yourself to the right vibration and cycle. Tuning in doesn't mean giving up! Sometimes it's just started, but you need to finish it!


Dream Element: Wands and Swords: The element of Air and Metal. Connection and fusion.

You are dealing with and/or you are an Aquarius – Gemini – Libra


Chakra Energy: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra


Dream familiar: Pig and Nightingale: step out of the shadow side by focusing on love. Keep balance between your intuition and your thoughts, logical steps.


Moon dream: Full moon in Gemini and Disseminating moon : Communication is key, take time to breathe.


This is a common dream energy! The energy flows differently for everyone; if you don't feel synchronization then this post is not for you.

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