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Dream Energy March 1 to March 7

Published on 28 February 2021 at 07:00

It's a week where you are challenged to use your pure, true creativity to attract what you need. Where inner fire and passion flows, miracles come true. Feeling let down by the universe flows through, just like last week; there is an inner struggle and belief in fate, miracles and so on.

We ask you to have fun and have fun and put this on your priority list. It's a week in which you can share your story with like-minded people. But also share your life story with yourself. It helps you heal and embrace your true pure self.


What do I want? What suits me?... What is my destiny and my dream goal. Let the universe lead the way and not the other way around. Have faith that you wish. Trust the right time and right way at the right time. So change with it, don't hold on to old patterns. Your dreams, wishes, your inner journey stagnate because you don't let the universe help you, awareness of the fact that.


Pay close attention to the inner, intuition (heart) feeling this week. The experience may be that things or situations are heavier, worse (drama Queen and King) than they actually are. The naked truth, the pure true feelings and experiences are coming out – this part is needed so that the universe can set you on the right path. It is necessary to learn to let go and let the universe do its job.



Dream Shadow Side: Make plans, focus on the goal, but leave the journey open. “How you get there is not important”. The universe really wants to help you, but will you let us help too?

Dream Element: Fire: You are dealing with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Chakra Energy: Solar Plexus Chakra or Bounce Chakra


This is a common dream energy! The energy flows differently for everyone; if you don't feel synchronization then this post is not for you.


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