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Dream Energy Sep 20 to Sep 26

Published on 19 September 2021 at 07:00

Your dreamsworld are connected this week with attracting what you need, but for that you have to look at it in a different way. You are challenged to approach, view and assess everything from a different point of view. to attract and so on. Manifesting and visualizing, attracting in a different way than you have done before.


Harvesting your dreamed situation, wishes, dreams, ideas and so on can only come about if you let go of fixed patterns. You can possess all the knowledge, skills, wisdom, experience, but that does not mean that you will actually get what you want and/or harvest what you need. "Open to the unexpected". Close yourself off from eternal learning and studying. But enjoy the raw, pure side of life itself.


This week we ask you to throw your knowledge and skills overboard, and go for "Seeing through the eyes of a child, playful and inexperienced". It is a week of awareness in which you see that there can also be a pitfall of knowledge, learning, studying, wisdom, experience. The master and the student experience - are you the student or are you the master - Both have to be in balance, you learn from small things. The pitfall of having a monopoly on power and knowledge becomes clear this week. That does not alter the fact that you have beautiful and good intentions.



Dream medicine: Balance between studying, knowledge, skills, experience, wisdom and actually being able to be open to new unexpected things. I let go of my need to be right. I am defenseless and at peace. I embrace all new visions, possibilities and allow myself to be surprised.



Dream Element: Knight of Swords and Knight of Wants: The element Fire, Air and The element Spirit, Soul

You are dealing with and/or you are an - Aquarius - Gemini - Libra - Aries - Leo - Sagittarius.



Chakra Energy: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra



Dream Color: Orange and Violet

Orange is the color of fertility, health and joy, used for personal fertility or to make a project bear fruit and find personal happiness. Also with attraction, creativity, success, stimulation, the color orange appears in your dream or vision.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and belongs to Wednesday dream energy, in addition there is also the connection with your sensual and sexual energy and vibration. Dreams and visions about the color orange tell you about being limitless, but also procrastinating and embracing your full being. Dreaming about orange brings fire, joy and zest for life, the feeling of life is a party experience, this can be on a private level as well as on work or soul level.


Dreams or visions about the color purple tells you about spirituality, inspiration, physical strength, spiritual growth, knowledge, wisdom, increasing abilities and connecting with the universe, the afterlife and your higher self. The purple color in your dream or vision also represents ability, independence, power, healing.


Dream familiar: Lizard dream your dream world into existence, dream, manifest, visualize and take action to make your plans realistic.



Moon dream: New moon in Capricorn: Your hard work will pay off, provided you can see through the eyes of a new me and keep looking.



Crystal Dream Energy: Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye dream and vision indicates protection and support from the afterlife. Tiger eye dreams and visions can also be experienced as double; on the one hand, it can refer to experiencing protection from the evil eye, adversity, unwanted energy, having adversaries and mischief. While on the other hand the Tiger Eye can be experienced as opening up stuck experiences in life.

Listen carefully to your personal feeling what applies during dreaming. One thing is for sure you are supported by the universe in this situation no matter what happened in the past - now another situation is coming to you. The dream or vision of the Tiger's Eye gives confidence and softens all old circumstances. Gives you the opportunity to speak up and share your opinion freely again.



This is a common dream energy! The energy flows differently for everyone; if you don't feel synchronization then this post is not for you.

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