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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Dream Energy » Dream Energy 27 Sep to 3 Oct

Dream Energy 27 Sep to 3 Oct

Published on 26 September 2021 at 07:00

This week you need like-minded, same insights, wisdom, your personal life circle. Look for the unexpected, let go of your boundaries or old habits and patterns. Outside your borders you will find this like-minded person, the job that suits you, the house that is tailor-made for you and so on.

Your life path is completely different from other people's - you cannot compare the paths of life. So don't look at what other people have or what should be socially.


Look beyond what you have done before, trust your intuition completely, empathically. Someone can have completely different views on life, a different profession, a different background, but be on the same soul level (in the same way smart, the same soul thoughts) it doesn't matter which area it is in.


It also indicates that a twin soul, soul mates often lives, lives or has thoughts very far away from you. Other frames of reference, convictions, visions of life break the boundaries and open up. Awareness that borders do not exist, they are built by people. Boundaries always reflect your own boundaries and your own walls. The world is at your feet if you really look further than you have done before.



Dream Medicine: Past experiences make you feel like you don't deserve it. Which makes you choose to stay safe within your own circle. You can think of, for example, staying with your current employer, continuing to live in a house that does not suit you, entering into the same kind of friendships, but not following your dreams and so on.




Dream Element: 5 chalices, 10 of swords and the world: The element Water, Air, metal and The element Spirit, Soul. You are dealing with and/or you are a - Pisces - Cancer - Scorpio - Aquarius - Gemini - Libra.



Chakra Energy: Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra



Dream color: Green

Green is the color of new love, finding new love and developing heart affairs. Also, color green in your dreams or vision stands for attracting money, growth, beauty, work, success, happiness and prosperity. The color green in your dream or vision ensures that you connect deeply with your life roots, the basis of life and attracting your wishes and dreams.

Green in your dream or vision tells you about nature and personal growth in our life, inner balance and harmony in life, happiness, wealth. Another explanation is starting a new challenge in life, and fertility.


Dreams going into color tell you a lot about the connection with the elemental beings such as gnomes and earth beings but also with Green Man and Pan and/or other nature connections and also the goddess Gaia in other words it reflects your whole natural being and the world in which you live. The connection with the lungs of your life, the purity and power. Your soul connections and the tree and the leaves of everything that is present in yourself and your life.



Dream familiar: pigeon, owl, badger, you see everything clearly and you know exactly how or what. let the universe help you by playfully and courageously letting the unknown new come to you.



Moon dream: New moon in Gemini and Sagittarius: Communication is key, twin flames, soul mates, like minded people and luck is on your side.



Crystal Dream Energy: Aura Quartz

Dreams in which the aura is quartz tells you something about purifying or balancing the body, soul and spirit and aligning all the chakras. This aura quartz helps you make necessary dream changes and thereby break your patterns and beliefs. Also helps you to appreciate the beauty in everyday life again.


Aura quartz is a protective and healing stone with a strong effect on the aura. The stone not only cleans the aura but also reduces holes in the energy field (caused by, for example, traumatic experiences, serious psychological disorders and addictions). Aqua aura quartz protects against negative energy, negative influences and spiritual or psychic attacks and then during your dream world.


This is a common dream energy! The energy flows differently for everyone; if you don't feel synchronization then this post is not for you.


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