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Rules and guidelines

Marjan Klop Training adheres to the RVM Covid-19 Guidelines



Participation 18 years or older, Marjan Klop Training does not give sessions to minors. An exception is the dream statement, which you can also participate in consultation with a parent or guardian and under supervision from 12 years or older.




Interruption or stop?

An important dreams and visions rule. An interruption or postponement of the booked training, coaching sessions without substantiated valid reason, is not an option. Postponement of a maximum of 1 to 2 months is one of the options. This rule only applies with mutual consultation and with valid reason.  

Stopping the training or coaching during the process is at your own risk, no money back policy. The exception to this rule is. When it appears that the collaboration has been disrupted and / or does not appear to work. With mutual approval, the sessions not yet attended can be credited for 80%, the costs for the material are for your own account.






Unable to attend?


Unable to attend for any reason. You must report this at least 24 hours in advance. the exception to this rule is a valid reason for absence before the start! If this does not happen, you are not entitled to a credit invoice. Marjan Klop in turn reports (very special exception) well in advance that the appointment must be rescheduled and / or cannot take place. Marjan Klop ensures that the appointment is resumed as soon as possible.





Payment ?

Payment (partial payment) not received before the start of the sessions and process. Of course you will first receive a reminder of payment and you will be personally approached by Marjan Klop that an invoice or partial payment has not been paid. The invoice must be paid within 14 days !.


In the absence of payment, Marjan Klop is entitled to transfer to a collection agency and / or further legal action. Furthermore, the collaboration will be terminated immediately and will no longer be entered into. The costs incurred for this are therefore on top of the not payed invoice, including any material and time.




Marjan Klop Training adheres to the legal rules that are expected of coaches and trainers !. Also see

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Ordering and Payment

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