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I am Marjan Klop, born on August 11, 1982 and an experienced coach in the field of daydreaming, conscious dreams, sleep, fear of sleep, trauma and intuition. Living from the source, your foundation and dream change, working on yourself and development in combination with dreams, sleep and mindfulness. 


I combine knowledge, psychology, mindfulness and conscious insights, "With both feet on the ground" together. That ensures that I find depth and discover depth in everything that has to do with dreams and beat


You can also think of daydreams, meditations, visualizations, manifestations, and everything to do with personal growth and development from your highest good. I look at everything from the point of view that you are the key to change.

Experience the connection from your source, your intuition and your soul. You can walk the path of your dreams, turn a page in your life



I work in a very unique dream way! I explain your dreams from years of knowledge, but also connect the tarot / oracle cards to your dream / vision / daydream and / or meditation, visualization, manifestation. Making your shadow side visible. Also experience the connection with the elements (earth, fire, water, air) and constellations.



But of course also with the 7 chakras and the 7 dream energy level, so that your dream statement not only ensures awareness of the fact that. But also on a deep soul level healing and healing, brings transformation that you have never experienced.


A life as a conscious dreamer and visioner does not just come on your life path.

My dream experience goes back to my first conscious dream / Last life experience nightmare at age 8. So you can say that I have 30 years of experience with dreams and sleep, nightmares and fears.



If I can describe myself, I only think of one thing that actually fits best. I am a Dream, Vision, Conscious, intuitive, eager to learn person, who keeps on learning from my own intuition, creations and inner wisdom and strength.

In addition to my extensive experience as a dreamer, author of the book Dreams and Visions and writer on various topics related to related mindfulness and awareness.



I am the inventor of in-depth combination between

  • Dreamology,
  • Tarot,
  • Astrology,
  • Numerology,
  • Moonology
  • Chakraology,
  • Dream guides / familiars.
  • The energyology,
  • Elements of earth, fire, water and air.
  • Dream medicine


Dreams and Visions, Dream Whisper is the largest dream experience expert website in the Netherlands and Belgium. Outside of Europe dreams and visions are also growing further towards experience expert status




9 years of practical experience in sleeping, dreams and visions. Abundant knowledge + education and training, which is a very nice addition!



In the meantime, Marjan not only has 30 years of conscious dream experience as an author, blogger. She also has a lot of sleep knowledge as a trainer and coach. Through these experiences she gives you a unique view into the world of dreaming, sleeping, meditation, growth and development from your base and your source.



I am the founder of the website dreams and visions, the blog and book since 2012. The book dreams & visions is no longer published since September 2019.