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I am Marjan born on 11 august 1982 experienced in the field of daydreaming, conscious dreams, sleeping and being intuitive and connected to your heart and soul. I combine knowledge, psychology, mindfulness and conscious insights, "With both feet on the ground" together. That ensures that I find depth and discover depth in everything that has to do with dreams and sleep. 


You can also think of daydreams, meditations, visualisations, manifestations, and everything that has to do with personal growth and development from your highest good. I look at everything from the point of view that you are the key to change. Experiencing the connection from your source, your intuition and your soul. You can walk the path of your dreams yourself, turn a page in your life.

If I can describe myself then I think of one thing that actually fits best. I am a Dream, Vision, Conscious, intuitive, studious person, who keeps learning from my own intuition, creations and inner wisdom and strength. 

Besides my extensive experience as a dreamer, author of the book Dreams and Visions and blogger and writer on various topics related to related mindfulness and conscious streak.   

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Marjan is founder of the website dreams and visions, the blog and book since December 8, 2012. The book dreams & visions will no longer be published as of September 2019.  Marjan's dream experience goes back to her first conscious dream at the age of 8, so you can say that Marjan has 30 years of experience with dreams and sleeping, nightmares and fears.